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3 Mile Smile


Best known as a local high energy rock band, 3 Mile Smile has developed and grown in popularity since 2018.

They take pride in performing at a high level and playing songs that make audiences feel good.  Live music is such an important part of life.   3MS honors their musical inspirations and shares them with the audience, promising to deliver iconic rock music that grabs everyone's attention and gets them up and dancing.



G Money - Lead Vocals

Greg is our co lead vocalist.  His dynamic stage presence and ability to engage the audience creates a fun experience for all.  He honors all the songs with his energy and commitment.


Glenn - Drums

Glenn has been playing drums for 48 years.  He loves playing classic rock, funk, pop and even yacht rock!  His influences are Jeff Porcaro, Steve Smith, Steve Gadd, Neil Peart and most recently, Todd Sucherman of Styx.

"When playing Classic Rock cover tunes, I try to make sure I capture the feel of those excellent drummers and honor all that great music."


Harsha - Lead Guitar

Harsha has played guitar for over 30 years.  His influences are varied and include such icons as Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray Vaughan and the Allman Brothers.  He also enjoys playing more contemporary artists such as John Mayer and Joe Bonamassa.

"For every gig, I get the privilege of honoring all my musical heroes ."

Ingrid - Lead Vocal

Ingrid has been singing longer than she’s been speaking. With siblings in their teens when she hit the Earth scene, her musical exposure began right at birth with sounds by The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Zeppelin rocking down the hall of the house. Starting as a teen herself, she sang in several bands covering tunes by great artists such as Labelle, Benatar, Heart and many others. Ingrid enjoys listening to and singing all genres of music, including country and even musical theatre.  

Bill - Bass

Bill comes to us from the East Coast.  He is veteran Bass player with interests in all kinds of music.  Funk, classic rock, modern music, he has it covered.  

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